chartered financial planners

Happy New Year

  • Posted on 3 January 2019

After enjoying a fabulous Hearnden Associates Christmas Day out which included distilling our own gin in the City of London, followed by Christmas and New Year celebrations with family and friends we are all now back at work and firing on all cylinders. We are looking forward to catching up with clients and colleagues as well as being bigger and better than ever in 2019. If you are interested in knowing more about the services we offer please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or send us an email.

chartered financial planners

Happy Christmas

  • Posted on 21 December 2017

Hearnden Associates wish all our clients old and new, near and far, a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year. We received our own Christmas present in the post today from the CII...


hearnden and sons

Sprucing Up

  • Posted on 15 December 2017

To herald the arrival of our new website our About Us page needed sprucing up a bit. Hair had been grown, hair had been cut, hair had been lost. We have also gained two members of staff since our original website was updated so it was decided a photoshoot was in order. Whereas indoor head shots work fine for our individual profiles we decided a more scenic backdrop was needed for the group shot.


hearnden staff jumping in the air

Welcome to Hearnden Associates

  • Posted on 23 October 2017

As you can see, we are very excited about our brand new website. We hope you enjoy looking through our website, finding out about the services we offer and what makes us tick. Whether you are an existing client or new to the world of financial services we hope our website answers some questions and makes you want to ask us more.