Sprucing Up

hearnden and sons
  • Posted on 15 December 2017

To herald the arrival of our new website our About Us page needed sprucing up a bit. Hair had been grown, hair had been cut, hair had been lost. We have also gained two members of staff since our original website was updated so it was decided a photoshoot was in order. Whereas indoor head shots work fine for our individual profiles we decided a more scenic backdrop was needed for the group shot.

With the last days of summer slipping away we decided to make the most of the sunshine and head outside. We wanted somewhere synonymous with the lovely village in which we work. Duck Pond and The Cage (disused prison for one!) aside the obvious choice was Lingfield Park Racecourse which, with its all-weather track, is one of the busiest racecourses in the country. But, luckily, not on Tuesday, 3rd October. We were fortunate enough to be given permission by Lingfield Park Racecourse to take photographs pretty much wherever we liked. As the sun shone, the timer counted down and the camera whirred into action. Once we had our official company photographs in the bag we wandered towards the finish line. The “boys” went ahead as they were unencumbered by neither bags, jackets or a camera and tripod. As we headed towards the grandstand the six male members of Hearnden Associates had spontaneously arranged themselves into this pose which remains our favourite shot of the afternoon. You saw it here first; Hearnden And Sons, the next big thing.